Prom Hairstyles for Short Hair


10- Prom Hairstyles For Short Hair

Even though wavy and light hair is preferred for the capping ceremony,
there are many models that you can use caple.

If you plan to wear a backless dress or a back detail,
the knob on the nape will be the most ideal for you.

Horsetail is one of the most beautiful hairstyles most preferred in the capping ceremony. You can relax all day long by collecting the horsetail at the nape level while wearing a cap.

Another model will be a water wave. Haircare for your hair tips after showering
Apply the oil and curl the curling iron down from the level of the ear, not from the bottom of your hair.

Thusyour hair will look natural. Do not forget to comb it for your hair to gain volume later.
You can decorate your cap with flowers. If you want your hair to look more energetic and colorful with a water wave, surround your cap with flowers
You can decorate it.


Makeup Tips

For cap ceremony and graduation ball; You can choose the type of funny makeup at the capping ceremony. Called funny makeup and appealing to all ages, this makeup tips is especially shown among high school and university makeup trends. In this makeup, your skin should maintain its natural and moist appearance.

It is recommended not to make your skin very dull especially. A make-up made of more plain and natural tones away from the underside, university graduation It will be very suitable for prom makeup. A light concealer that you will use in accordance with your skin color will make your makeup look longer and clearer. You can add a more vivid and radiant atmosphere to your skin by using blush and highlighter. We recommend using a sparkly headlight that will be applied in natural tones, in line with the style and color of the dress you will wear. You can clarify your eyes with eyeliner and mascara and finally complete your makeup with a compatible lipstick. We can say that your makeup in natural tones will be quite compatible with graduation short hairstyles.




If you are planning to wear a dress with a low back or a back detail, the bun style is ideal for you from among the graduation ideas. All you need to create is a bun sponge. You can straighten your hair as the first job to look neat and flawless.

Now, stand upside down, gather your hair at the top with a brush and create a ponytail. Wrap the bun sponge in the ponytail, spread your hair to cover the sponge, and fix another tire on the bun. To keep the tire invisible, wrap your hair around the tire and fasten it with wire buckles.





2-Low ponytail

Ponytail is one of the most preferred hairstyles most preferred in the capping ceremony. You can relax all day long by collecting the horsetail at the nape level while wearing a cap. In this hairstyle, her hair needs to be long enough to collect.







3-Water wave

For your hair to look glamorous all day long, you should apply hair care oil to the ends of your hair after leaving the shower. You can see the difference in your hair in a short time if you use this step not only on your special days but also in your daily routine. Divide your hair into 4 equal parts first and start to curl the strands on the back. We recommend curling the curling iron down from the bottom of the ear, not at the bottom of your hair. So your hair will look more natural.
After curling all of your hair, you should comb your hair to add volume. Yeah, you didn’t hear it wrong! By combing your hair, you can make your waves look natural and the waves look more voluminous.



4-French twist

One of the most elegant looking hairstyles in special events is the French twist. Although it may seem difficult on the first try, we believe that you can easily make this hair bun after trying it several times. The hair bun model looks best with the classic dress style.







5-Low braided bun

Your low braided bun can match your strapless dress perfectly! You get the comfort with the braid that you prevent your eyes from seeing all night long. The graduation hairstyles braid style is very popular! For this view; After the wet hair is dry, make it look smooth with the help of a straightener.

Since your hair is clean, there may be a small amount of electricity, but to prevent this, you can apply a few drops of care oil, especially to the ends and lengths of hair. Afterward, divide your hair into 3 separate handles and knit it classically. Finally, get a voluminous bun look by wrapping your braids.




6-Fake bob style

Wavy hair is a classic for night invitations but we were more inspired by the Trojan Helen in this model. If you want to make graduation short hairstyles, you can evaluate the fake bob hairstyle. After curling your hair with a curling iron, comb it for a fake bob haircut and create a voluminous image. Then pick it up at the ends with a rubberized clasp for easy hair collection. Finally, turn the tip of the ponytail upside down and hide it under your hair with a wire buckle. While going to the prom, everyone will think that they have their hair cut and you will impress everyone with this hairstyle.





7-Wet hair style

How about getting inspired by the wet hair trend when going to the prom? If wet dress hair is accompanied by the stylish dress you will wear on your graduation night, make sure that you will have a perfect look!







8-Braided bun

You can create this stylish and elegant bun by creating two braids and combining these braids at the back. You can try this hairstyle on your graduation night, especially with low back dresses.







9-Curly hair style

Hairstyles that can be easily done for graduation include twisted hairstyles accompanied by romantic curls. After waving your hair with tongs, separate it from the side, start from the front of your hair and fix it on your ear, backward, with a twisted curl and wire buckles.







10-Pixie Hair Style

In short hair style, the pixie model is a type that takes some courage. In this style, it creates an animated and different look in the person. The peculiarity of this hairstyle is that the tops are longer, the sides and the front are shorter. Of course, this model may not be nice for everyone.

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