Prom Medium Hairstyles for Men

How To Style Men’s Medium Length Hair

Medium length hairstyles haven’t always been popular. Some time ago, they were just the intermediate stage between short and long hair. Today, the variety of medium hairstyles allows men to create the most attractive looks with their hair. Remarkably, the structure of your hair doesn’t make any difference. What matters is your overall appearance, including the shape of your face and the style preferred.

Let’s look at Best Men Medium Hairstyles!


1.Pompadour Hairstyle

The traditional pompadour has a bit of hair on the sides, but the bulk of the length is on the top of the head, as you need a decent amount of length to comb your hair back to form the pompadour. If your hair is too short, you will end up resembling a porcupine. The purpose of this style is to comb the length of your hair back and to the side so ask your barber to make sure there is enough length to achieve a pompadour hairstyle. Do not go to a stylist that is unfamiliar with this cut, or the results could be disastrous.

However, the pompadour fade, such as the one pictured here, is also a very trendy look. Ask for shaved sides or an undercut to sport the modern version of this classic cut.



2.Comb-over Hairstyle

Comb overs have gotten a bad rap over the years, but they are now becoming quite a popular look. The main condition of comb over haircut is that hair on the sides must be shorter than the hair on top (it can be paired with a fade or undercut), and the longer hair on top parted to the side. A comb-over fade like the one shown here is quite trendy with its taper fade and full volume on top.

To style a comb-over, the first towel dry your hair to remove any excess moisture and then blow it dry. Use a pea-sized ball of hair wax and work it into your hair. Decide where you want the side part and comb that section forward neatly. Then make a slightly diagonal part under your cow-lick and toward the front, near the temple. Then separate your hair with your fingers to create a messy part and style the rest of your hair as desired.


3.Faux Hawk Hairstyle

The typical modern fohawk haircut is longer in the back and sides with more length on the top, which is used for spiking to create the faux hawk effect. While Mohawks were most commonly associated with the punk rock crowd, fohawks are now becoming quite mainstream, as more and more men opt for this funky hairstyle.

You will need quality styling mousse or pomade for this look, but the best part is that it is very low maintenance as the overall effect is a carefree messy look that women will find extremely sexy.




4.Tapered Hair

Taper haircut is becoming more popular day by day. This cut balanced between versatility and sophistication: it’s not too wild and too boring and newer go out of style.

Taper haircut is a technology of cutting when men’s hair is trimmed on the sides and back shorter gradually. With hair clippers, barbers slowly blend or taper the longer hair at the top into short hair at the back and sides of your head.

Top of the head you can style in a lot of ways: from slick back and pompadour to spiky or messy hairstyle. Fantasize and be original and your taper haircut is no tired for you. Try taper medium haircuts for men and make sure its universality.


5.Mullet Hairstyle

The modern mullet haircuts, while still being a throwback to the vintage mullet style, are a bit tamer and thus become quite trendy as medium haircuts for men. Today’s mullets are less dramatic as they are slightly shorter in the back and sides than the 80s style mullet. And they are styled so that you can rock this updated version of the classic look with a grade of hair, whether wavy or straight, or thick or fine.

To jazz up your modern mullet, you can add contrasting colors or ask for an undercut fade to create a fohawk. Whatever style you choose, you will be ready to party all night long with your contemporary mullet haircut for men!



6.Blown Dry Hairstyle

It’s crucial to know that perfect medium length hairstyles men try to pull off so desperately are almost impossible without a good blow dryer. No matter how strong the hold of your hair styling product is, the highest and the steadiest volume on the crest can be achieved only with the help of this device. Among almost all the hairstyles medium length ones require blow-drying the most, so don’t be a scrooge and make a really good investment.





7.Heavy Fringe

This hairstyle is much easier to pull off on thick or even curly locks. The heavy fringe is achieved thanks to the layers in which your mane is cut. If your hair allows it, you can get the sides trimmed short to keep the whole focus on the bold fringe. For styling purposes, you need to employ some sort of hair product, such as wax or pomade, and stack your quiff so that the layers would be prominent.





8.Swept-back Hair

The swept-back hair is another great alternative to vary the medium hair look. It appears polished yet quite breezy so that the perfect balance is easily achieved.







9.Tousled Hairstyle

As dress code rules at the offices are becoming less and less strict, medium haircuts for men are also gaining more casual and effortless vibes. To get a fashionable yet office-appropriate look, tousle your locks on top of the head and spritz them with a hair spray for a defined appearance with a long-lasting effect.





10.Man Bob

Nowadays, a bob belongs to classic medium haircuts for men. If you want to give it a try, do not go for a very long or overly elaborate style. For a start, try something more traditional, such as a regular man bob. After you get used to it, you will be able to transform it into a more intricate look.






11.Textured Pomp Hairstyle

And back to the pomp again. You’ll be pleased to know that by emphasizing your hair texture, this legendary mid-length hairstyle gains relaxed and carefree vibes.







12.Voluminous Waves

If your hair lacks body and density, then these voluminous waves should become your hairstyle of choice. Thanks to a random order in which your locks relax on your head, there is an illusion of an ampler and thicker mane.

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