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The Best Guide To Short Haircuts For Men You’ll Ever Read

Short haircuts for men are here for the long run. They are stylish and versatile. A short haircut is an ideal solution for men with thinning hair. And they are very popular with both athletes and professionals alike. From buzz cuts to Ivy League cuts and undercut fades, there is something for everyone.

Let’s look at Best Short Lenght Hair 👌


1. Fade Haircut

It’s hard to imagine modern men’s 2020 hairstyles without a fade. This simple yet versatile haircut can bring a welcome change to basically any hairstyle. Such popularity of these short hairstyles for men is not for nothing. There are many types of fades to match basically any preferences as well as face shape and hair type.





2. Low-Fade Haircut

A low fade haircut is the right fit for those guys who aren’t after revealing too much of naked skin. It delivers the smoothest and the most gradual transition from longer top to shorter side hair among all three types of fade. A line-up and a smattering of facial hair will work as a perfect enhancement to the look.





3. Mid-Fade Haircut

If you gravitate to a middle ground in life, you should take a closer look at a mid skin fade. Chances are it’s going to become the 2020 men’s haircuts of your choice for many years to come. What’s cool about it is that it’s balanced itself, as it involves a sufficient amount of hair yet exposes quite a lot of bald skin. A mid fade allows you to sport your hair on top whatever style you like. For the most contrasty look, pair your black hair on the sides and back with the bleached curly top. To add edginess to the cut, define your hairline with a line-up.




4. High-Fade Haircut

A high fade is a perfect choice for those guys who would rather play around with the hair on top making it a focal point. Because there’s so little hair on the sides and back of the head, nothing will distract onlookers from your textured top or luxurious pompadour or whatever bold hairstyle you choose to rock on top. Besides, this clean and neat cut is perfect for balancing really long or messy short hairstyles for men.





5. Buzz Cut

Buzz cuts are the most popular men’s 2020 haircuts who want a cut that is short and is of low maintenance. This look is well-known as the military-style haircut but is also very well-liked by both athletes and businessmen. Men’s buzz cuts are extremely versatile and require no maintenance as they are simply “wash and go.” This buzz cut fade is trending this season with the faded back and sides with all the length on the top. The best thing about this style is that it is appropriate for any age or lifestyle and is considered very masculine and sexy.




6. Military Short Haircut

A military haircut will probably never come out of style. These short hairstyles for men have become the preferred choice of many guys thanks to their low maintenance and broad versatility. Of course, today’s grooming world has made a lot of changes in classic military hairstyles modernizing them and adapting to current trends. They’ve become a bit longer here and there and are often enhanced with different elements like a hard part, a fade, or a line-up.





7. Ivy League Haircut

Men’s Ivy League haircut is also known as the Princeton or Harvard cut. The Ivy League cut is a sophisticated version of a crew cut with the short style and a side-swept, slick side part. It is the perfect choice for men who want a modern yet classy cut.

This spiky Ivy League cut has a ton of volume on the top with its “shape up,” which is another name for styling the hair upwards and slightly toward one side for a spiky, textured effect. This look is great for those with square-shaped faces.




8. Flat Top Short Haircut

Obviously, a flat top haircut is one that has been styled or cut so that it is leveled and flat on the top of the head. This style is usually shorter in the back and on the sides so that it elongates the face.

This flat top fade resembles a pompadour in the front and has a ton of volume. It is cut short in the back, but what makes this cut stand out is the trendy hair tattoo on the side. Hair tattoos are very trendy, and there is no limit to the designs you can choose from.

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